Rocky Top Concrete®

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For Driveways, Patios, & More

Enhance the look of your landscape with Rocky Top Concrete for a decorative, natural appearance that is both maintenance free (one sealer application lasts five years) and is ideal for our Canadian climate.  Our rocky top concrete is a variation of exposed aggregate concrete.  There are many different exposed aggregates out there, we at classic concrete designed a product that has a consistent stone density at the surface and is more environmentally responsible.  Each piece of rocky top concrete that is placed is washed with water that is contained and removed from the jobsite. No concrete slurry should ever be washed into storm drains.  On our jobsite no water from our job crosses the curb line, we contain it all. No other local concrete company can compare to our commitment to mother nature.

Rocky Top Concrete provides unrivaled traction for winter conditions and allows easy snow removal and it lasts through the numerous freeze and thaw cycles each season.

This decorative concrete is reasonably priced and available in a wide variety of aggregates and colours.  The craftsmen at Classic Concrete are certified Rocky Top Concrete finishers and offer a unique mix design, specialized placement, finishing, and curing techniques to give you a one-of-a-kind landscape.


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Front Porch Exposed aggregate Front Sidewalk with borders Exposed Aggregate Concrete (Rocky Top) Patio Exposed aggregate (Rocky Top) Concrete Patio Exposed aggregate concrete driveway Exposed Aggregate Stairs and Driveway Rocky Top Concrete close up Rocky Top Concrete close up Rocky Top Concrete Polished Table Top
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