Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a driveway?
Generally, it takes 3 to 5 days from start to finish, including complete clean up, however, weather conditions can affect the process - we cannot install concrete when it rains.

Do you install driveways year round?
No, again, weather conditions must be taken into consideration. Usually we can install concrete from March 15 to December 30.

What is Rocky Top Concrete?
It is a new exposed aggregate concrete finish, engineered and designed for Canadian Climatic conditions.

Does it cost more to install decorative concrete compared to traditional concrete?
Yes, but only minimally. The cost of integral dyes to colour concrete and additional labour costs will increase your final fee by approximately 10% to 15%.

Do you guarantee your work against cracking?
No...quite simply, concrete will crack, it's a fact of life. The base preparation work, however, defines the type of cracks you'll see. We imbed structural steel in the concrete to ensure there is no movement, which minimizes cracks to a hairline fracture.

How thick is the concrete poured?
Industry standard is 4 to 5 inches of thickness, which contains welded wire mesh. We use Citymix 32C2, which is more than adequate for normal use. If a transport truck, garbage bins, or other heavy equipment will be parked on the concrete, we would increase the thickness as necessary.

Can our children rollerblade or play basketball on our stamped driveway?
Yes. Patterns are pressed down into the concrete leaving a common plain on top so it does not affect the smoothness. You can easily shovel snow or sweep debris and be confident that weeds will never grow.

Is there any ongoing maintenance to a concrete driveway?
We recommend a sealer be used on concrete to protect against the elements and to enhance its overall appearance. A sealer will also protect the colour against harmful UV rays. This should be applied every three years.

Does the protective sealer on our driveway make the surface slippery?
When applied correctly, it is not slippery. We add an engineered product to enhance traction.

Does Exposed Aggregate last as long as traditional concrete?
Actually, Exposed Aggregate lasts longer than traditional concrete as it is not a flat, plain surface, thereby eliminating surface blemishes.

How long before we can drive on our concrete driveway?
You can safely drive and park your vehicle on the fifth day after the concrete has been placed and finished.

What are your payment terms?
A Classic Concrete representative will come to the site and explain your options. You will be given a firm quote, which will be honoured during the season in which it was given (some exclusions may apply and will be explained at the time). You will be asked to sign a Letter of Intent to ensure there are no misunderstandings with either party.

When work begins, 50% down-payment is required. The balance is due upon work completion. Financing is available.


Rocky Top Concrete Sidewalk with border Exposed aggregate (Rocky Top) Concrete Driveway Coloured and stamped curved stairs and porch. Side laneway retrofit for sidesplit. Exposed aggregate concrete driveway Coloured and stamped concrete sample. New finish over old portico concrete. Exposed aggregate driveway texture. Close up of exposed aggregate driveway. Close up of stairs.
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